19 months seems like 19 days

I’m watching my little girl sleep and all I can think is how quickly time has gone by! She is 19 months old today ( I swear I will stop counting months once she turns 2) and everyday she is growing up and getting bigger. Her vocabulary is growing and she has even started speaking in short phrases like “What happened?” And “Come here!”.
Her favorite color is purple ( it blows me away that she knows her colors!) favorite movie is Tangled and her favorite food is chicken legs and broccoli.
I wish I could stop time for a little bit and keep her small and innocent a bit longer. Everything about her is sweet and melts my heart ! Her tiny voice and her huge imagination keep me going each day.
We have our moments where we but heads but that is to be expected when communicating with a toddler. If she had her way she would live outside rain or shine and eat chocolate with her broccoli for dinner. She would climb every obstacle and piece of furniture in her way and leap off of steep cliffs near water. The cat would be her best friend and bedtime would be later. She would run everywhere and never ride in the car. Hygiene would be optional but baths would be a must( soap not included).
I fear I will wake up tomorrow and she will be a teenager so I better start keeping track of the memories now.