I have preschool on the brain! My child is almost two years old and I want to get a jump start on an early education! Some would say 2 is too early but not I. I’m giddy over the thought of science experiments and craft time! I love teaching my little girl new things and going through the experience with her!
I started researching what preschool curriculum is like and what is required knowledge before kindergarten. I knew I wanted to homeschool for at least preschool age and possibly beyond that. After reading loads of material I came up with a general list of guidelines for teaching preschool to a 2-5year old at home.

Literacy and Language Arts
-Read Read Read! Ask questions during and after a story
-Start learning letters( uppercase, lowercase, sounds)
-Make up stories and create a book.
-Sing songs, rhymes, phonemic awareness
-Practice drawing and writing with numerous tools ( pencils, chalk, sticks, finger, crayon, paintbrush..)

Science and Nature Studies
– learn the difference between living and non living things
-Use experiments to learn about cause and effect
-Plant seeds, watch them grow and identify parts of a plant. What do they need to thrive
-Learn about wildlife with hands on participation in wildlife conservation
-Develop data collection, record keeping, classification skills through nature walks and a nature journal.

Cognitive Skills and Math
– Identify colors, shapes, sizes and weights
-Count! Count everything and put numbers to use everyday
-Recognize numbers and use objects to represent numbers
-Practice grouping, sequencing, complete patterns
-Compare and classify ( more/ less same/ different long/ short)
-Match pictures and objects that are alike, opposite, or go together
-Encourage problem solving skills
– Talk about positions ( inside, outside , top , bottom, under , over, left, right and middle)
-learn about time by making a play clock
Play with puzzles, dot to dots and mazes

-Build with blocks
-Lots of outdoor play for gross motor skills( climbing, balancing, running, jumping)
– arts and crafts for fine motor development ( tracing, cutting, pasting, stringing)
Encourage unstructured imaginative play
-Music, singing, dancing, rhythm, instruments and songs with motions.

Life Skills
Learn about body self care and move towards independence
-Learn to clean up after self
-basic manners
-Learn about emotions and how to deal with them

Computer Skills
Use computer for educational games and learn skills with touch screens and mouse and keyboard

It is a lot of information to consider on a daily basis so I’m developing a 36 week lesson plan guideline to help me incorporate all of these things each week! I’m excited to find experiments to try and crafts for letter and number recognition. I’m also looking for ways to introduce early literacy ! I can’t wait to share my lesson plan with you once I finish it and keep you up to date on our weekly lessons!


6 thoughts on “Preschool

  1. Sounds like you have a solid plan to go by! Good to go! I started my kiddos off as soon as they were ready (about the same time) and have never regretted it. I focused mostly on learning to read, learning to write, and learning to think well. The rest is downhill from there. Best wishes!

    • Thank you so much! I am really looking forward to it. I also want to make learning to read, write and think our priorities;) I’m so glad to hear from someone who has experienced homeschooling toddlers. Thank you for the encouraging words!

  2. I have a three year old and have thought about beginning homeschool preschool but alot of people have told me not to worry about starting homeschooling till he is older. What would you suggest?

    • I say go for it! But what do I know because I’m only getting started myself:) I am a firm believer in early education and the sooner the better. If you feel your child is ready to learn all about the alphabet , colors and numbers then go for it! If you find it’s too much for them to handle then hold off and start again later:)

      • Thanks for the advice. I think I will. I’ve looked around at different curriculums like sonlight or some others that have lesson plans online.

  3. I do many of the things on the list just because I remember my family doing them with me before I began kindergarten. I would like a more structured plan though so I don’t “miss” anything. I’m looking forward to your 36 week lesson plan that I can follow with my two year old. Thank you!

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