Playing catch up

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I’m still here! We are still going strong with our homeschooling. I’m very short on free time making it difficult to get around to updating mommydaughterdates . Next month is going to be EXTRA busy!! My calendar has been filling up with exciting fall activities like corn mazes, a trip to the zoo for a Halloween event, pumpkin patches, a local animal safari ranch, Possibly a trip to the mountains, a concert , Halloween and doctor checkups. Whew! All while homeschooling, planning a birthday party and keeping up with daily duties oh and taking care of almost 2 year old:).
I just thought I would take a minuet to let everyone know I did not fall off the side of the earth;) just in case you were wondering.
Here are just a few activities we have done over the last few weeks…

Primary colors paper chain

Baking soda air dry clay

Baked bread and other cooking

D is fordinosaur letter craft

Visited The Museum of Appalachia

We have also filled our days with outdoor play, play dough, coloring( lots and lots of coloring), paint with water books, reading, touch screen practice and mouse practice, worksheets, imaginative play and trips to the library.
I had planned on visiting the local art museum but it has been closed for remodeling. Sooooo we are postponing our art week;)



Busy week 5

We had such a busy week filled with learning and fun! I don’t know about your kids but mine is fascinated with bugs. All kinds! You name it slugs, spiders, caterpillars, beetles and butterflies they are all her favorites. We read several books about bugs including The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. This has been a favorite in our house for a very long time so we read it often . If by chance you have never read it and have small children I highly recommend it. It’s colorful and has fun pages with small holes cut out. This book covers counting , days of the week, identifies different fruits and teaches the life cycle of a caterpillar to butterfly. We will most likely need to buy a backup copy soon because ours is looking a little shabby.
After reading our beloved caterpillar story book we made our very own caterpillar , cacoon and butterfly wings using pompoms, a clothes pin , watercolor pencils on a coffee filter, and white yarn wrapped around a toilet paper roll. Not only did Vera really enjoy making these but she has continued to play with them every day.
We went for a short hike where we saw millipedes, spiders, butterflies, dragonflies and a black bug that I have never seen or heard of before … I wish I had my camera. Vera was very excited by the millipede. She followed it around for a good amount of time before it crawled into a patch of poison ivy and we redirected her attention.
There is a beautiful documentary called Microcosmos that we watched split up over a couple of days. This is an up close look at many insects with minimal narration. I was able to talk to Vera about what was happening in the film in terms she understood. She really enjoyed this movie until a storm hits and she was a little sad that the water was washing away the bugs.
One day I made a bug themed treat that involved brownies, animal cracker crumbs and raisins. It was an edible ant hill! I made it in a clear cup so she could see the layers. It was really yummy and a sweet treat.
I’m looking forward to this weeks healthy foods:) we will be eating lots of good foods 😉 and work on hygiene as well. Happy schooling!









… Oops

Well I fell off the face of the Earth for a bit. Preschool has been a bit on the lax side and I have taken a break. The good thing is we started a couple of weeks before schools actually started up around our area and so now we will be ” on track”?..
I would like to brag for a moment and say that my daughter has learned the few letters we went over our first few weeks! She can identify V, W, X and O! So it is paying off!
I feel bad that I have fallen in a rut of being lazy as far as planning curriculum each day:( Toddler life can be difficult at times but I know it’s easier when we have planned activities. We are all happier with something to keep us busy during our time at home. I just need to find ways to incorporate chores and daily duties into our daily learning time… Any suggestions seasoned homeschooling moms ?
Anyway… Back to our schedule! I’m picking up on I for insects 😉 I will postpone R for rapunzle and fairy tales week for later. It deserves more planning than I have given it.
This week will hopefully include some bug viewing at the nature center ( fingers crossed) and many crafts and experiments! I don’t know about your kids but my daughter is FASCINATED by bugs! We recently visited the zoo where they have a butterfly garden and I’m pretty sure Vera could have spent the entire day surrounded by butterflies! We do not own a magnifying glass but its on my list for this weeks activities!

Happy schooling everyone I hope you have been more active in your teaching than I have been lately ….Oops!