First Day of PreK

Today was our first official day of homeschool preschool! We started the morning off with waffles and blueberries in the shape of our letter of the week V. Then we sang the alphabet song a couple times and found the letter V on our foam alphabet puzzle. Next we danced our wiggles out! After lots of dancing ( we have a lot of wiggles) we moved on to reading books about the letter V.
Sesame Street has a board book for each letter of the alphabet. These books are great! We currently only own the V book about Ernie and the Vacuum salesman but I will be on the look out for more at our local thrift shops and used book stores.
Next we had fun with play dough! We used yellow and purple dough to make big and little V’s and traced them with our fingers. We also had imaginative fun and free play with our play dough. Vera made a microphone and sang in it:) it was so sweet! I’m really proud of her huge imagination and I encourage it as much as possible!
After play dough we cleaned up and started our letter craft. We made a V vase with violets in it. Vera was a big fan of the glue stick! Next we had more imaginative play with a toy phone and then it was time for lunch.
We finished lunch and worked on same and different by matching socks. This was fun and silly. Vera kept dancing with the socks each time we made a pair. It was nice having a helper with the laundry too;) we ended with singing more songs and some coloring.
It was a smooth and fun day with lots of laughs and learning. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.