Manners Matter

We are firm believers in teaching manners at an early age and Vera has really picked up on saying things like thank you, sorry, and excuse me. This week we focused on please. It paid off because she now says please for everything! It honestly makes it hard to say no when she says “mommy eat ice cream please?” Ummmmm not right now? “Pleeeeeease?” Aw man……
She even woke up this morning and said “mommy light on please?” 🙂
Our imaginative play was a new tea set and we had many polite tea parties every day. We also sang songs about manners like the please thank you song from Yo Gabba Gabba and the magic wordssong from Signing Time. We also worked on signs for please, thank you, and share.
Another focus this week has been counting. As in actually counting instead of always counting to 5 or 10. We checked out the I Like Bugs book again and count the bugs on each page. We counted blocks in towers (or as V likes to call them CASTLES!!) and counted our neighbors chickens! This was her favorite thing to count and she actually got it right! 1, 2, 3 chickens!
A fun craft/activity we did was lacing cards! I was pretty excited about these because I have a special love for yarn and sewing. I made these cards on sturdy card stock (you could also use recycled cardboard from an empty cereal box). I drew different shapes on each card and then used a thick sharp needle to poke holes in the card along the lines of the shape. Then we threaded a large eye plastic child safe needle and I let V go to town! We worked on these for a min until V decided she really only wanted to take the needle off of the yarn and hide it someplace… I still have not found it :/.
Today we will be making pictures using simple shapes. Then maybe we will get around to having that ice cream she so politely asked for ;). Happy teaching!!!