Day 2 of week 2

Something happened yesterday and I was completely unmotivated for preschool time. I think it was lack of sleep and gloomy weather. I pushed on and talked myself into a craft, some reading, and lots i mean LOTS of coloring and play dough time.
Today I woke up feeling much better and got started on fun right away! We recycled crayon bits this morning using a silicone star mold and a crock pot! It only took about an hour on high for the wax to melt. Once it melted I turned off the crock and let it set for a bit. I then moved the mold into the fridge to completely cool before popping the star crayons out and handing them over to Vera. They got a great big “OH WOW! COLORS!”
We also made a picture of the sun and surrounded it with flower stickers. We had read a book yesterday all about weather and we talked about how sun and rain help flowers grow. So this was our craft reminding us of how the sun helps flowers.
Another craft we tackled was painting a cloud. We used a mixture of shaving cream and glue. After painting a big puffy cloud we laid it out to dry and this morning it was so soft and fluffy feeling! It was so neat! I had no idea it would feel so much like an imaginary cloud.
I think tomorrow we will focus on rain since its in the forecast for our area.





Our first week

The first week of preschool flew by! We had so much fun each day. Mostly we played and made crafts:)
Some of the activities we did this week included a vegetable collage and reading books about vegetables. We also learned some signs for vegetables like carrot and corn.
We made a homemade sunshine clay that consist of flour, salt, oil and water then used the clay to make a volcano! Once our volcano was dry we set it off with baking soda and vinegar. Vera loved this! Even long after it was done she kept talking about the bubbles:).
Vera played some educational games on our tablets and had some touch screen practice with a stylus. We read TONS of books and talked about each storyWhat is happening on each page?Where is this? What color is that?
Building blocks, coloring, play dough and story time took up most of our days. The weather was off and on sunny but due to an outbreak of ensephylites in our area we chose to stay indoors most days. I hate using bug spray on her but I feel it’s necessary for her health right now but those Mosquitos seem to still find her:( .
Next week is our weather week! I already checked out multiple books from the library all about weather and seasons. I plan on making a “what’s the weather?” Sign to hang near our kitchen window. We can then start our days choosing the picture that best matches the current weather outside. I will keep you all posted on our other activities for next week as we do them. Getting excited to start week 2!


Is it too early for early literacy?

Well….is it?
I say NO WAY! It’s EARLY Literacy! Getting started on teaching and helping your child to read is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. There are several steps you can take to help your child become an early reader. We have been doing many of these things since our child was born and are getting ready to take the extra steps to help bring her even closer to letter recognition and early reading!

Read Read READ
I don’t think anyone can stress enough about the importance of reading to your child on a daily basis. Get them started with an early love for books. Make reading FUN! We try to read at least 20 mins every day to our child. I also have this personal rule that any time a child ask me to read to them I never say no. This has trapped me reading for hours to one of my nieces:) but I loved it just as much as she did! Also read to yourself in front of your child. Show them that you enjoy reading as a pastime.

Introduce letters
You sing the ABC’s all day long but what does it mean? A good place to start is with the first letter of your child’s name! My daughters name starts with V so we point it out every time we see it and say “V for Vera!” This makes V HER letter.
Show your child both uppercase and lowercase letters. You can write their name often and show them how to read it from left to right.

practice writing
Start with X and O. You can use your finger in shaving cream of flour, use a paintbrush or crayon. Really just use whatever tool you have handy and practice writing letters whenever you can. Identify the letters and the sounds they make each time you write them.

You can make lables around your house for everyday items. When you child uses these items they will always see the word associated with each thing. Label your toilet , tv, remote, hairbrush. Whatever! Also label bins for specific toys like blocks and puzzles. This is something fun you and your child can do together.
Lastly read read read !!!!!!!and read some more;)
All of these things together will help your child’s reading skills develop at an early age! A skill that will last them a lifetime!