Day 2 of week 2

Something happened yesterday and I was completely unmotivated for preschool time. I think it was lack of sleep and gloomy weather. I pushed on and talked myself into a craft, some reading, and lots i mean LOTS of coloring and play dough time.
Today I woke up feeling much better and got started on fun right away! We recycled crayon bits this morning using a silicone star mold and a crock pot! It only took about an hour on high for the wax to melt. Once it melted I turned off the crock and let it set for a bit. I then moved the mold into the fridge to completely cool before popping the star crayons out and handing them over to Vera. They got a great big “OH WOW! COLORS!”
We also made a picture of the sun and surrounded it with flower stickers. We had read a book yesterday all about weather and we talked about how sun and rain help flowers grow. So this was our craft reminding us of how the sun helps flowers.
Another craft we tackled was painting a cloud. We used a mixture of shaving cream and glue. After painting a big puffy cloud we laid it out to dry and this morning it was so soft and fluffy feeling! It was so neat! I had no idea it would feel so much like an imaginary cloud.
I think tomorrow we will focus on rain since its in the forecast for our area.